Technology Consulting

Consulting services is analyze & advice services to client for understanding different technology and methodology. This will help you to build up the implementation initiatives, governance structures, and systematic capabilities you require to get the most out of your IT investments.

We CASSYIANS offers a wide range of professional Technology consulting services, covering every phase of software development, project management, database development, web application design and development, and IT management. CASsys utilizes the services of creative and experienced team of IT professionals to deliver quality solutions that result in measurable results for our clients.

  •  Evaluate your infrastructure to recognize opportunity for improvement.
  •  Propose customized plan to tackle your business specific needs.
  •  Implement market-leading solutions which help your business to grow and thrive.

Application Services

Development: We CASSYIANS develop, implement and manage new software applications based on your business requirements, that address growing business and technology challenges, with high quality and flexibility.

Support & Maintenance: We help you to support & maintain the software applications developed both in-house and 3rd party. We are ready to provide 2nd and 3rd level support, monitoring, maintenance, improvement and enhancement after analyzing it suitably, for implementing it in a fast pace, with minimum system downtime to avoid the impact in business process.

Management: Monitor your business applications availability, performance, capacity, incident reporting, incident analysis, incident resolution, release coordination, deployment and configuration management.

Modernization: Do you want to modernize your existing disparate legacy applications into comprehensive enterprise-level application? We are ready to analyze and address the issues in the legacy application such as multiple technology platform, high maintenance cost, uncorroborated systems, lack of integration, web capabilities etc.

Hire Employee

We have a unique business model for you to meet your human resource need. By understanding your exact best-fit resource need for your enterprise with requisite experience and expertise, we help you to place an energy from CASSYIANS pool, on board or off shore.

Do you want to manage your project as well? We will provide you with well trained, experienced and passionate employee to work on your project on a fixed cost basis. The advantage for you from this unique business model are:

  •  Reduce employment costs.
  •  No administrative cost for hiring and processing.
  •  Enough time to focus on your core business.
  •  Well trained, experienced and expertised resource.
  •  No administrative cost for resource management.
  •  No added expense for holidays, vacations sick time etc.
  •  No workers’ compensation exposure or claims.

Website & E-Commerce

E-Commerce Solutions: When it comes to sales, E-commerce is not only innovative but a convenient and cost-effective option that can transform your business and boost your sales performance. Our E-commerce solutions, created with user experienced and creativity in mind, are specifically tailored to your individual needs and will allow you to sell all your products and services directly from your website.

Responsive Web Design: A design technique that allows a website automatically adapt to the size of screen it’s being viewed on, which can be a desktop, a tablet or a mobile phone. In short, a responsive website will be compatible on different devices (one website - many devices). It eases the navigation and makes the website user friendly.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Cassys help you to improve the volume or quantity of traffic to your web site from search engines search result. This is an ongoing marketing strategy to increase the revenue of the business, by receiving more visitors to your website from the search engine, by listing earlier in search result.

Logo Design: Logos are the chief visual component of a company's overall brand identity and should help convey some information about the company and be distinctive and easy to spot at a glance. Our logo designing team first understands the business of the clients, their competition, the strengths and the values, to offer effective and exceptional services. Thus a well-designed logo can contribute to business success.

Mobility Solutions

With the penetration of mobile devices like smart phones and tablets in this technological world, the necessity of mobile apps became an important part of individual as well as business life now a days. We create simple by nature, but with great user experience mobile apps, that keep people coming back again and again. For your business, we help you to extend cloud and enterprise functionality into mobile devices with enterprise standard of scalability, security and availability. Thereby you can easily incorporate your business ecosystem - partners, suppliers and even customers into your enterprise and also the workers be productive from anywhere.

Today everything including commerce, trading and payment is handled in mobile devices and mobile apps have proved to be the very future of computing. Developing a mobile app and promoting it among the users is hence extremely beneficial to further your business. Our mobile app design & development team are not merely developing a mobile app for you. There know how a mobile app can develop for you, having:

  •  Earning with your app - think of making money on it by using the various app monetizing techniques available to you, such as in-app advertising and so on.
  •  Reaching many more customers - mobile search has become very popular today, and the new users find you via a generic search, compared to the verbal communication about you to their friends by the current customers. Integrating major social networks with your app furthers the scope and reach of your business.
  •  Showcasing your products and services - users visiting your app would have instant, one-stop access to you, by showcasing your products and services.
  •  Partnering with other services - getting into partnership with other similar companies helps you take credit on their success, by forming a sort of mobile ad exchange program among yourselves, thereby bringing more customers to you. This leads to mutual benefit and increased profit to both the companies.

Data Management

Data Governance: We CASSYIANS help you to analyze and ensure that your business meet the precise standard in the data entry by your team members or by an automated process. This helps you in assessing, managing, using, improving, monitoring, maintaining and protecting your organizational information.

Data Analysis & Architecture: We are here to convert your raw data into a source for decision making within your team, by collecting, processing and cleaning the existing raw data. Then architect it to meet globally recognized set of standards, by applying different data models, while progressing from your requirements to the actual database to be used for the information system.

Database Management: We help you to install, configure, upgrade, administrate and monitor the heart of your applications, by providing efficient maintenance and security to the database in your organization.

Data Quality Management: "Accuracy is the key to success". We maintain and assure the accuracy and consistency of your business data, by detecting and correcting/removing inaccurate data from your database. This will help your teams to operate precisely.

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