Let's know about us.

The pioneers of CASsys Technologies Pvt. Ltd are three engineers who inspired to be entrepreneurs in Information Technology sector, with knowledge in Oil & Gas, Airline Catering, Textile, Travel & Tourism and Banking domains and an entrepreneur who already succeeded in some other business areas like Coir and Textile industries, Finance and Trading.

Also the strength of CASsys Technologies Pvt. Ltd lies in its pool of skilled information technology professionals and management consultants, we our self introduce as CASSYIANS. They have vast and in-depth experience in developing and delivering quality IT solutions for our clients.

CASSYIANS has extensive industry experience and technical expertise to make your business more effective, well guided and profitable than ever. Our team of experienced developers, analysts, consultants and people-project-co-ordination leaders, data management team, quality assurance and testing specialists work together on each and every stage of the project development phase, to meet the expectations of our prestigious clients in the most systematic way possible.

We CASSYIANS are not simply information technology professionals and management consultants, rather we are business people who know how to use latest cutting edge technologies to automate manual processes, enhance communication and manage data using web and mobility solutions. This unique business minded approach to web-based software and mobile app, translates directly to our client’s success.

To deliver premium quality services and products to our customers, we have chosen a thought-out model combining the best on onshore and offshore process.

How we can help you

  •  Analyze your business process, re-engineer them and suggest IT solutions to solve your business needs.
  •  Architect, Design and Develop applications that suits your business requirements.
  •  Develop/Modify/Enhance applications for you, based on the requirements stated.
  •  Implement or Integrate third party applications in your enterprise application landscape.
  •  Develop and roll out interface between enterprise systems and mobile apps.
  •  Design, Develop and Administer web portals and web sites.
  •  Design and Develop mobile applications for enterprise or app stores.
  •  Manage your database effectively to ensure data quality and to maintain the security of the data.
  •  Analyze/Ensure the quality of your existing business data and migrate it from legacy applications.
  •  Analyze, Architect, Design and Develop database environment for your business needs.
  •  Develop Business Intelligence reports from the database based on the requirements stated.
  •  Own a part of your business processes and execute them remotely & securely.
  •  We offer a one stop solution for your staffing needs to find the right person with the required expertise.

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